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Multi Purpose Siphon Pump Kit

Multi Purpose Siphon Pump Kit



Multi use pump transfers most liquids and pumps air for inflatables. Suitable for oil, petrol, brake fluid, anti-freeze, coolant, inflating sports balls and small inflatables and transferring of most liquids. Made from oil and acid resistant plastic suitable for quick petrol transfer. Once primed with a few pumps, the siphon will transfer liquid with no further input. Contains: 2x 50" (127cm) transfer hoses, dipstick tube, air hose, inflation adaptors, connectors and pump.

Product specifications

  • Code: 84805505
  • Weight: 0.55kg
  • EAN: 5013433485059
  • Width: 24 cm
  • Height: 27 cm
  • Depth: 5 cm
  • Carton: 24
  • Inner: 6
  • Order qty: 1
  • SKU: 2848